LM101 Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

LM101 Medium intensity obstruction light for marking Towers (Telecom, GSM), Smokestacks, Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic with a steady burning red safety light.
This product is developed based on ABC-7M medium light, and the mounting style for this product has been changed to flange type, and compared with ABC-7M, this product has more functions, which improves the product performances.
The enclosure of ABC-7M is made of die casting aluminum with powder coated finish, with the advantages of light weight, waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant. Self-contained wiring compartment, ease of mount. Light source consists of external long life LEDs, to ensure maximum life of the product.


Description Parameter
International standard ICAO(Annex 14)medium intensity aviation obstruction light standard and FAA-L864
Light source LED
Color Red
Supply voltage DC48V/AC200-240V(other voltage can be customized)
Power consumption 30W(Steady)/ 6W (30 FPM)
Intensity 2000±25﹪cd
Vertical degree 3°Min
Horizontal degree 360° 
Flashing rate 30FPM(20~60times/min customizable)
Flashing duration 150±20ms
LED lifetime ≥80,000 hrs 
On/Off level 50Lux
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃ 
Humidity 10% ~ 95% (no coagulation)
IP Protection IP65 
Material Base:Aluminum alloy,Housing:PC,Reflector:ABS,vacuum plating
Weight 4.5Kg

Functions and Features